SSMR depends on having accessible, loving and caring FOSTER HOMES to offer a temporary refuge, food, care and nurturing for the dogs that come into our placement program. Foster homes also are able to give us an honest assessment of a dogs temperament and are instrumental in helping to match a dog to a prospective family. .

For individuals or families who can not foster a Mastiff, but would like to help SSMR to save Mastiffs in another way, please fill out a volunteer form and we will put you to work in whatever capacity you have to offer!

Foster homes are required to be able to separate the foster dogs from their own pets. Integrating a new foster into a home with other pets requires time and patience and needs to be done slowly. We do ask that our foster homes try to integrate their foster dog into their daily lives as much as possible as well. The quality time that you can spend each day with your rescue dog helps to learn more about their needs.

The simple addition of a large crate or a couple of ex-pens can be of huge help to you in this process. A crate or ex-pen can be a cozy den to a stressed-out rescue dog and sometimes they need the privacy and quiet of that time as well, for their own peace of mind.

Your foster Mastiff should be kept inside with the family except for exercise and elimination- aside from emergency boarding needs. When leaving the house, always confine the rescue dog so you do not have to worry what will happen in your absence. Confining the rescued dog protects your pets and your property from any potential damage that could occur.

If you do not have a secure way to separate your pets from the rescue dog, you should volunteer to help in another capacity.

Foster homes are required to have a fenced yard and we ask that our foster dogs not be left outside unattended when you are not home.

SSMR provides needed vet care (with approval from the State Coordinator), Heartworm preventative and flea medications for the fostered mastiff. The foster home provides a high quality large breed food and commits to spend time to learn more about the foster mastiff's habits and temperament. Foster homes must also make the dog available for visits with prospective adoptive families. A foster does have the first right to permanently adopt a dog, but we require a decision on your interest as soon as you've had a chance to evaluate how the mastiff fits into your home.  The goal is to get the fostered dog matched with a forever home as soon as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home for SSMR, please click HERE or use the "Volunteer / Foster" link in the Applications menu above.