There are many ways that you can help SSMR in a volunteer capacity. Not everyone is able to foster dogs, but there are many other tasks that we need assistance with.
Here are a few different ways that you can help SSMR.


  • Do phone screens of potential homes
  • Check vet references on potential applicants
  • Home visits
  • Evaluate dogs that are potentially coming into the program
  • Pick up dogs coming into the program from the shelter or their current owners and transport them to a foster home or the vet
  • Assist in transport of dogs to their new homes
  • Increase awareness of SSMR in your area by posting flyers in vet's offices on available dogs in your local area
  • Assist with production of the SSMR quarterly newsletter


Make tax-deductible donations to SSMR or to the Issac Fund for special medical needs
Donate items for our yearly auction

You can find more information on donating using paypal or by check on the site under the Donation tab


Organize or help with fund-raising events in your area:  like bringing a foster mastiff to a pet adoption day at a local store or distribute information on SSMR at a local pet adoption day.

Educate people about the importance of buying puppies only from reputable breeders who guarantee their puppies and will take their dogs back if circumstances change.

Tell everyone you know to support rescue programs and encourage them to apply to adopt SSMR dogs.

Volunteer to assist with our yearly auction which is our single biggest fundraiser of the year.


Fostering is one of the most important roles in the SSMR organization.
Foster homes provide temporary housing for rescued mastiffs – either short term emergency fostering (for a night or two) or longer term while a mastiff is brought back to health, gets a training refresher and is adopted. Foster homes provide us with  information on the habits, personalities and needs of each dog fostered. Foster homes provide a safe, stable environment for our rescued mastiffs.

Fostering is a very rewarding experience and helps a rescue effort greatly.  We follow the same process as adoption for fostering but instead of signing an adoption contract; a foster contract is signed.
To become a new SSMR foster home you first must apply.  Please complete the application only if you are READY for the commitment of fostering a dog.  Once we receive your application we will call your vet to ensure all your pets are current on vaccinations and preventatives; call you for a phone interview;  and finally, set up a home visit so that we can get a good idea of the type of dogs who would be best for you to foster.  This also helps you get to know us better and we can answer any questions that you may have.  If you do not hear from us, it does not mean that you are not approved,  we often keep applications to foster on file for when the right dog for the home comes in. We do require a fenced yard for our foster families.

Foster homes are able to adopt a dog that they foster.  All foster dogs go on our website for adoption by the general public, which is why we require foster homes to declare their intent to adopt as soon as possible.

If you are interested in fostering or volunteering- please click HERE or use the "Volunteer / Foster" link in the Applications menu above.