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The following Mastiff came into Southern States Mastiff Rescue:

Lilly Bell (TN) - Available

State : TN
Description :

Lilly Bell is an awesome 2-3 y/o mastiff. She is well behaved. Sits, stays, and lays down in our bedroom at bedtime on command.

She is around 6 cats, which she is fine with. She is great w our 15 y/o labradoodle, our 6 y/o mastiff mix and our 6 y/o English mastiff. If cornered or attacked, she WILL fight back! Our OEM had to get antibiotics for a bite to his head, which he started.

She never barks, and not sure if she knows how to bark? A little anxious at first, until she is comfortable in the home. Has been around kids ages 7-12 and is fine. Her only negative is that she counter surfs. So if you leave food on the counter when you leave, she will eat it all, and everything! She also has a bad habit of getting into the trash when left alone (but my other mastiff initiates it).

Gender : Female
Color : Fawn
Age : 2yr
History : Unknown
Reactions To Strangers : Unknown
Demeanor With Children : No Small Children
Behavior With Other Dogs : Good
Behavior With Cats : Good
House Training : Good
Spayed / Neutered : Unknown
Health Status : Unknown

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