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New Mastiff Alert

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Dear Visitor,

The following Mastiff came into Southern States Mastiff Rescue:

Balboa (TN) - Available

State : TN
Description :

From his foster: "Balboa definitely seems to have a happy go lucky disposition. He moves pretty slowly. I don't know if it's his age or just the fact that he's not completely healthy, but I haven't seem him move quicker than a slow trot since I've had him. Even so, he really likes playing with toys of all kinds, especially tennis balls which he loves to destroy. He's gotten a lot better around my mastiff who seems to be giving him more space. I haven't had him around my smaller dog much but plan to do that this weekend. He's a got a little bit of "bull in a china shop" to him, but I'm trying to work with him. His most overriding characteristic is that he just wants to be close to someone. When he's not in his crate, you can bet he's near by and probably lying down at your feet."

Gender : Male
Color : Fawn
Age : 4yr
History : Unknown
Reactions To Strangers : Unknown
Demeanor With Children : Unknown
Behavior With Other Dogs : Unknown
Behavior With Cats : Unknown
House Training : Unknown
Spayed / Neutered : Unknown
Health Status : Unknown

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Blackjack (SC) - Available

State : SC
Description :

Meet Blackjack. He is a sweet 4 year old boy rescued from animal control. He is extremely loving and would make a wonderful addition to the right household.

Gender : Male
Color : Brindle
Age : 4yr
History : From shelter
Reactions To Strangers : Good
Demeanor With Children : No Small Children
Behavior With Other Dogs : Good
Behavior With Cats : Good
House Training : Good
Spayed / Neutered : Yes
Health Status : Fully vetted. HW negative. Does have sight impairment, but sees enough to function.

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