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New Mastiff Alert

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Dear Visitor,

The following Mastiff came into Southern States Mastiff Rescue:

Zena (VA) - Coming soon

Description :

 Zena is a mix, though looks like a small mastiff. This angel deserves an amazing life!

She was running loose for 2 weeks or more (per sightings) and nobody could catch her. Then there was a call about a dog car hit as a dog was lying in the ditch. The Deputy went to pick her up and she was just limp and couldn’t go any more. She was only about 45-50 lbs when brought in. She stayed at the vet over the weekend on fluids and antibiotics and started to perk up! She is extremely dehydrated though blood shows no organ failure, HW, Lymes, Ehrlichia – all negative. We do not know why her tail is bobbed.

She needs to get healthy and spayed so she is not available yet, though keep checking the website for updated pictures on her progress! Can you give sweet Zena the life she was meant to have?

Update on Zena 3-10-14:

Zena is gaining weight and doing very well in the house. Crate training has been so easy!

Good with the little dogs (pugs) and cats. She is leery of the 10 yr old girl in the house though just takes a little while to warm up. She is a Velcro dog and has attached herself to the foster mom. She is consistently going to PetCo for socialization and is working on that. She should be ready to spay in a couple of weeks.

Update on Zena 4-07-14:

Zena will be ready shortly after she is spayed. She was 40+ lbs and now at her limit of 70. Yeah!! She is a beautiful mix that looks like a mini mastiff.

Gender : Female
Color : Brindle
History : Stray
Cats? : Good

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