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New Mastiff Alert

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Dear Visitor,

The following Mastiff came into Southern States Mastiff Rescue:

Hannah (VA) - Available

State : VA
Description :

Hannah is a mastiff mix pup.

She is very energetic and loves to run and play. She loves to play with toys and will de-stuff everything she gets her teeth on.

She loves to play with my kids, but they are older (14 and 16). I don't think she would harm a smaller child, but she is very energetic and would definitely overwhelm them. She barks when she wants something and can be very vocal if you try to ignore her.

Gender : Male
Color : Apricot
Age : 1yr
History : One of many puppies from a pregnant female mastiff in rescue
Reactions To Strangers : Good
Demeanor With Children : No Small Children
Behavior With Other Dogs : Good
Behavior With Cats : Unknown
House Training : Good
Spayed / Neutered : Yes
Health Status : Good

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